About Resilient Greenfield

Introducing myself:

I am a Computer Science teacher, meeting the Climate part of the Polycrisis with volunteer organizing:

Resilient Greenfield is my response to that third bullet point .

- Bram Moreinis, 16 Myrtle Street, Greenfield

Youth must now replace us. 

I began youth climate ally organizing in 2019, and served as a Sunrise Movement Coach.  It was so inspiring to be on a Zoom call with hundreds of young people from across the country, all ready to do whatever was needed to support a Green New Deal!  Subsequently, as I learned more, I saw that the Green New Deal vision was a flawed compromise without an equal focus on Degrowth and global climate justice.   Also, no GND legislation passed for many years. 

Last year I formed a GND vs Degrowth reading group that met at Four Phantoms Brewery for a few months, reading books and articles.  One participant turned me on to the Transition Towns movement, which started in England, responding to forecasts of Peak Oil and other aspects of the Polycrisis.   Northfield joined a while ago, and Greening Greenfield considered it.  Transition Towns replace global supply chains with local and regional sourcing, self-organizing to create food pantries, tool lending libraries, and other local services, while moving away from consumer capitalism as much as possible. 

At a recent Sustainable Greenfield meeting at the Jon Zon center, I saw a young friend I'd met at a block party. Afterward, she asked if I wanted to form a Degrowth group here.  The same week, I had also been asked by a 350 Mass colleague to form an online Degrowth group, because I'd said that any GND legislative efforts 350 gets behind ought to be paired with cultural Degrowth efforts.  So I thought about why this was coming up, and what would make sense. 

The Degrowth movement does not have a "theory of action".  I don't see how I can organize meaningful, substantive action around that banner.  Also, after learning a lot more about the nefarious propaganda of fossil fuel cartels, I am leery of any "carbon footprint"-style efforts.  I do think we should do our best to swear off planes, ICEs and imported meat, and follow a "do more with less" ethos conveyed by "use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without" long before Schumacher's "Small is Beautiful".  

What I do see is that the organizations I'm involved with in Greenfield are either shrinking (because they are made up almost entirely of retirees) or failing to grow fast enough (because our volunteer and donor pool can't keep pace with increasing needs).    I am hoping that Resilient Greenfield can build connections between people who then join our local volunteer corps, and like a mini-Transition Town move on to longer-term projects that may require specialized training, may be fundable through state grants, and will make Greenfield more capable of responding to future emergencies of all kinds. 

If my compatriots and I convey this opportunity adequately between now and May 5th to motivate working-age people to join the party. talk to the panelists, and decide to meet again, I will step back as far as I can.    If not, I'll just leave this website here, and hope someone else picks up the torch.  This is my interim effort, based on feedback about what's needed,  but I am too old to carry it through.